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Laredo, TX Sex Personals, Sex Dating, Adult Personals, Swingers
Laredo, TX Adult Personals, Adult Dating, Sex Personals

Laredo, TX Sex Personals, Sex Dating, Adult Personals, Swingers

Sex Personals in Laredo Texas

Laredo is a county seat of Webb County, Texas, United States, location, on the north bank of the Rio Grande in Texas, across from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Record from the 2010 census, the city population was 236,091 making it the 2nd largest city on the Texas-Mexican border and 3rd largest on the United States-Mexican border, after San Diego, California and El Paso, Texas.
Villa de San Agustin de Laredo had been founded on 1755 by Don Tomás Sánchez while the area was a part of the Nuevo Santander region in the Spanish colony of New Spain. Villa de San Agustin de Laredo had its name from Laredo, Cantabria, Spain and in honor of Saint Augustine of Hippo. In the 1840 time frame, Laredo was the capital of the independent Republic of the Rio Grande, set up in opposition Antonio López de Santa Anna and brought back into Mexico by its military force. 1846, during the Mexican-American War, the town was occupied by the Texas Rangers.

Laredo, TX Adult Personals

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Laredo Texas Adult Personals, Sex Dating, Adult Dating, Sex Personals
Swingers in Laredo, TX, Sex Dating, Adult Personals
Laredo, TX Adult Personals, Adult Dating, Sex Personals